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AI has become a buzzword today to a point where it is grossly over utilised. We are taking a practical approach to applying AI to real world, everyday Enterprise scenarios.
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There are many competent scientists using AI to solve

highly complex problems like Cancer

Our use of AI may not be that laudable; However, we are doing our part to bring relevant application of AI at Enterprises to enhance customer interactions and improve employee productivity.

Personalization, hyper relevant and timely information are key to higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, with ever increasing demand from customers, employees need expedient access to data and information; no matter how complex the Enterprise systems landscape may be.

Our Expertise

As an AI inner circle partner with Microsoft we have been at the forefront of creating Enterprise solutions using a myriad of Microsoft products.
Build a great conversationalist

Build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots to interact naturally with your users on websites, apps, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more. Get started quickly with a complete bot-building environment.

Azure Bot

Custom Vision Vision

  • Custom Vision

    Customizable image recognition

Speech to Text Speech

  • Speech to Text

    Automatic speech recognition and speech transcription (speech-to-text)

    Customizable speech recognition and speech transcription (speech-to-text)

    Customizable speech models for unique vocabularies or accents

  • Text to Speech

    Automatic text-to-speech

    Customizable voice fonts for text-to-speech

Language Language

  • Text Analytics

    Named Entity Recognition

    Key phrase extraction

    Text sentiment analysis

  • Bing Spell Check

    Web-scale, multi-lingual spell checking

    Contextual spell checking

  • Text Analytics

    Named Entity Recognition

    Key phrase extraction

    Text sentiment analysis

  • Content Moderator

    Explicit or offensive content moderation for images and videos

    Custom image and text lists to block or allow matching content

    Tools for including feedback from human moderators

  • Translator Text

    Automatic language detection

    Automated text translation

    Customizable translation

  • QnA Maker

    QnA extraction from unstructured text

    Knowledge base creation from collections of Q&As

    Semantic matching for knowledge bases

  • Language Understanding

    Contextual language understanding

Automated machine learning Automated machine learning

  • Identify suitable algorithms and hyperparameters faster.

Managed compute Managed compute

  • Train models with ease and reduce costs by autoscaling powerful GPU clusters.

 DevOps for machine learning DevOps for machine learning

  • Increase productivity with experiment tracking, model management and monitoring, integrated CI/CD and machine learning pipelines.

Simple deployment Simple deployment

  • Deploy models on-premises, to the cloud and at the edge with a few lines of code.

Tool-agnostic Python SDK Tool-agnostic Python SDK

  • Azure Machine Learning service integrates with any Python environment, including Visual Studio Code, Jupyter notebooks and PyCharm.

Support for open-source frameworks Support for open-source frameworks

  • Use your favourite machine learning frameworks and tools, such as PyTorch, TensorFlow and scikit-learn.

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